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Every Thursday

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Week 1

Introduction to course
Fascism: what is it?
Reasons for the rise of fascism in Europe
Post war problems in Italy and Germany

Week 2

Who was Mussolini
March on Rome
Mussolini’s dictatorship
Mussolini's economic policy
Mussolini's foreign policy and downfall

Week 3

Growth of Nazi party in Germany
Weimar Republic; democracy in crisis.y
Munich Putsch and his wilderness years.y
Wall St. Crashy
Nazis; electoral success: Hitler becomes Chancellory
The Enabling Act

Week 4

The nature and extent Totalitarian dictatorship in Germany Terror and Night of Long Knives Economic policy​

Week 5

Hitler’s Foreign Policy
World War 2
Technology of War

Week 6

Case Study: The Nuremberg Rallies
Purpose, nature, and extent of Nazi Propaganda
KPs : Leni Riefenstahl Charlie Chaplin, Bing Crosby.

Week 7

The nature and extent of Nazi antisemitism
The Holocaust
Church State relations in Italy and Germany

Week 8

Lenin’s life and influences
The nature of his revolution
The Russian Civil War
War Communism/NEP
Lenin’s death and legacy.

Week 9

Stalin takes power.
Stalin’s Economic Policy
Collectivization / 5 Year Plans
The nature of Propaganda in the USSR

Week 10

Case Study: Stalin and the Show Trials
Stalin unleashes the Great Purge.
Nature and conduct of the 3 Trials
Secret Trial of the Red Army

Week 11

Economic and Social problems in Britain in the inter-war years
Case Study: The Jarrow Crusade 1936
The causes, course, and consequences of the Jarrow Crusade
KP John Maynard Keynes

Week 12

Key essays for Dictatorship and Democracy
Picking the right question
What examiners are looking for.
Exam technique for LC 2023 / 2024

What past students say

Hi Patrick just wanted to say thank you for the webinar this morning. It was very informative and it gave me a greater understanding of how the marking scheme works. Thanks a mil.
Thank you so much for that helpful webinar Patrick! Really helped clear things up for me since my topic can be so broad, will defo be attending the next one!!
Thank you so much for todays webinar. I found it really helpful as a sixth year just beginning their RSR. Thank you and I'm looking forward to the next one!!