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Leaving Cert history

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Week 1

Thursday Sept 14th at 8pm

  • Introduce the DBQ 
  • What examiners are looking for in an answer 
  • Origins and key concepts of fascism 
  • Analyse economic and social catalysts for the rise of fascism

Week 2

Thursday Sept 21st at 8pm

  • Trace the growth of the Nazi Party.
  • Examine the early use of propaganda.
  • Dietrich Eckart; Hitler’s early mentor



Week 3

Thursday Sept 28th at 8pm

  • Investigate Goebbels’ role in shaping propaganda.
  • Evaluate the media used, including book burnings and cinema.
  • Discuss propaganda’s impact on education and youth.

Week 4

Thursday Oct 5th at 8pm

  • Explore the Nuremberg Rallies’ role in promoting Nazi ideology and power.
  • Assess the contributions of Hitler, Speer, and Goebbels in the planning and execution of the rallies.
  • Highlight Leni Riefenstahl’s specific role in capturing and disseminating the spectacle through film.
  • The Nuremberg Trials


Week 5

Thursday Oct 19th at 8pm

  • Examine the social and economic challenges facing Britain in the inter-war period, 
  • Evaluate the government’s initial responses to these issues, 
  • Investigate the impact of the Wall Street Crash on Britain and how the government’s laissez-faire approach influenced recovery efforts.

Week 6

Thursday Oct 26th at 8pm

  • The economic and social reasons for the Jarrow March of 1936 and the government’s response.
  • Evaluate its immediate outcomes and failures.
  • Impact of WW2 on Britain
  • The birth of the Welfare State.




Week 7

Thursday Nov 9th at 8pm

  • Lenin era,  NEP and the Red Terror
  • Stalin’s early life and the ideological struggle with Trotsky
  •  ‘Socialism in One Country.’

Week 8

Thursday Nov 16th at 8pm

  • Examine Stalin’s consolidation of power and economic policies, 
  • Developments industry, infrastructure, education, and military, as well as the human cost seen in the Gulags.
  • Stalin’s Cult of Personality.

Week 9

Thursday Nov 23rd at 8pm

  • Investigate the reasons for Stalin’s Show Trials, 
  • Examine the conduct and nature of the three major Trials 
  • The Secret Trial of the Red Army in 1938.
  • Assess the long-term implications of the trials on Russia.

Week 10

Thursday Nov 30th at 8pm

  • Do’s and don’ts strategies for the DBQ.
  • Key technical terms in the DBQ
  • Live marking of a full DBQ with a current LC examiner
  • Sample DBQ answers to the 3 Case studies 

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What past students say

Hi Patrick just wanted to say thank you for the webinar this morning. It was very informative and it gave me a greater understanding of how the marking scheme works. Thanks a mil.
Thank you so much for that helpful webinar Patrick! Really helped clear things up for me since my topic can be so broad, will defo be attending the next one!!
Thank you so much for todays webinar. I found it really helpful as a sixth year just beginning their RSR. Thank you and I'm looking forward to the next one!!