100% LC History DBQ 2024/2025 Sample Answers


  • Nine context essay samples Plus a full sample answer (100/100) on Stalin and the Show Trials. All from Patrick, the @lchistorytutor, an experienced LC history teacher and an expert on how to write the perfect answer.


Essay titles include:

  • “What were the main characteristics and impact of Stalin’s Show Trials? (40m)”
  • “How did Stalin use terror to consolidate his power? (40m)”
  • “What was the impact of terror and/or economic transformation in Stalin’s regime? (40m)”
  • “What was the Impact of the Nuremberg Rallies? (40m)”
  • “What was the role of Leni Riefenstahl or Joseph Goebbels in Nazi Propaganda? (40m)”
  • “Outside of the Nuremberg Rallies, what was the extent and nature of Nazi Propaganda? (40m)”
  • “What were the economic and social conditions that led to the Jarrow Crusade? (40m)”
  • “Discuss the British Government’s response to the economic and social problems faced by the people of Jarrow. (40m)”
  • “How successful was the Jarrow crusade? (40m)”
  • Also available is a full sample H1 answer on Stalin and the Show Trials, including sample comprehension, comparison, criticism, and context answers.


Patrick’s resources: All Patrick’s Leaving Cert History resources are designed with a realistic understanding of exam time constraints. Each sample demonstrates how students can effectively approach the exam paper to achieve top marks. I ensure that all samples are feasible within the allotted exam time, focusing on clarity, relevance, and analytical depth.

Please Note: These essays were part of an online course given by Patrick before Christmas on the DBQ.


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