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Week 1

Introduction to course and expectations.
Key Presidents
Plessy v. Ferguson and Jim Crow laws.
Founding of NAACP
Impact of WW2 on civil rights
Brown v. Board of Education
Emmet Till.

Week 2

Case Study Montgomery Bus Boycott 1956.
Exploration of early role of MLK in civil rights movement.
Civil Rights becomes a wider movement.

Week 3

1964 Civil Rights Act
1965 Voting Rights Act
Growth of militant black nationalism, death of MLK
Impact on other minorities.
US Feminism

Week 4

Post WW2 US foreign policy
Marshall Plan
Communist containment
Berlin Blockade.

Week 5

Red Scare in America and Joe McCarthy, Korean War
Impact on Truman.
Eisenhower Presidency

Week 6

Industrial Military Complex
JFK presidency
Cuba missile crisis
Short- and long-term results of Cuba.

Week 7

Who was LBJ? The Great Society
Vietnam War, case study : LBJ and Vietnam 1963-68
Cause, course, and consequences of Vietnam on US life and politics.

Week 8

Anti-war protests in the US
Nixon's policy of Vietnamization, US withdrawal
Early US economy: The Boom Years.

Week 9

Détente beginning to end Presidencies of Nixon, Ford, and Carter,
USSR invasion of Afghanistan
US economy in crisis.

Week 10

Ronald Reagan becomes President
His domestic and foreign policy
Star Wars
The fall of the USSR

Week 11

Case study: Moon Landings 1969, background, and key events, Significance and impact of Moon landing Growth and impact of IT and military technology​

Week 12

Key essays for US History
Picking the right question
What examiners are looking for.
Best exam technique for LC 2023 / 2024

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Hi Patrick just wanted to say thank you for the webinar this morning. It was very informative and it gave me a greater understanding of how the marking scheme works. Thanks a mil.
Thank you so much for that helpful webinar Patrick! Really helped clear things up for me since my topic can be so broad, will defo be attending the next one!!
Thank you so much for todays webinar. I found it really helpful as a sixth year just beginning their RSR. Thank you and I'm looking forward to the next one!!